You can make a deposit onto your current laybuy here if it has already been completed in store or by phone arrangement. Just follow the steps and ensure you put the name that is on your lay-buy receipt and the laybuy reference number so we can allocate your payment onto your item held in store. To set up a new lay buy, this needs to be done in store or over the phone. Lay buys are generally a 50% deposit, with the remaining balance to be paid between 4-6 weeks time unless otherwise arranged. Laybuy cancellation fees will vary trhoughout the year. Terms and conditions will be noted on your docket. We prefer to ensure customers do not laybuy items unless they are happy with the item. This ensures other customers do not miss out on top selling items. We thank you for considering garments carefully. Our team are always available to help you find the perfect dress you love, and feel comfortable wearing. Call us if you have any difficulties or are unsure on (09) 529 1405

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