Make A Payment


  • If you have a layby that you wish to make a payment on, enter the amount you wish to pay toward it, ensure you use your layby number as on your layby docket as the payment reference.
  • If you are paying for an item that has been ordered special ordered for you, or that you have arranged with us prior, to pay for online, please use your first initial and last name as the reference, and the total amount you wish to pay. Please ensure your shipping costs are included so that goods can be sent out to you asap.


  • If selecting bank transfer, your funds will not be cleared for up to 2 working days unless you bank with ASB.
  • Credit card transactions incur a 2.5% surcharge for visa | Mastercard and 3% Amex
  • We will email you a receipt number upon processing your credit transaction / receiving your bank payment.

Select Payment Method

Select this option to pay by credit card. Only valid for MasterCard or Visa. You will next be prompted for details on a secure page.
Only pay by this method if you have online banking access with your own bank. Our bank account number will be listed on the following page.
Select this option to pay by credit card. You will be prompted for your card details on our secure form on the next page.

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